Say “NO” to highrises on the
Atlantic Beach, South Carolina oceanfront

Atlantic Beach South Carolina Neighbors & Friends

Atlantic Beach, South Carolina is considered the last incorporated, Black-governed, oceanfront beach town in the United States. As such, it has tremendous historical and cultural significance. Our community of neighbors works tirelessly to keep its character preserved and not allow it to be obliterated by large-scale commercial/condo developments of the type that led to the annihilation of many other historically Black beach towns.

STARD serves as the voice of the Atlantic Beach property owners that want to protect the historical significance, heritage, values and identity of the community of Atlantic Beach. The property owners of Atlantic Beach are organized as STARD (Supporters for Tyson’s Ancestral Restriction of the Deeds).

STARD aims to protect the vital coastal ecosystem, prevent alteration and degradation of the beachfront and prevent the obliteration of its distinctive coastline by keeping the beach unmarred by massive condominium/hotels blocking the view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Promote the Legacy of Live Music in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach was the premier resort location in coastal South Carolina where Black musicians had to lodge while performing in segregated beach communities. Following those gigs, the Atlantic Beach community would be filled with the sounds of the finest jazz, blues and soul musicians in the United States making music into the night at the town’s entertainment venues, and tourist establishments that welcomed black vacationers.
STARD’S mission is to continue to revitalize our community by sponsoring flagship events that embrace the history of Atlantic Beach as an entertainment venue. We seek to support the local economy, provide a platform for artists, inform the public while celebrating the town’s unique American history and culture with beautiful art and entertaining bucket-list experiences for everyone to enjoy. We welcome musicians, artists and artisans from near and far, showcasing their talents with performances and exhibits. What better way to honor the legacy of music in Atlantic Beach.


STARD supports issues related to preserving the town’s natural heritage and maintaining favorable precedents, like the Tyson residential deed restrictions of the 1930’s that protect and preserve Atlantic Beach’s independence, its oceanfront landscape, history, and culture for future generations to enjoy.


Atlantic Beach Shared Experiences of Segregation in Recreation

Environmental Impact

Have you ever considered the impact of high-rise construction in beachfront and small beach towns?
While most beach-adjacent communities may seem prime real estate for developers, the negative environmental effects can be long-lasting and detrimental to the community. The cultural impacts can be irreversible.
In addition to risking the senseless destruction of the town’s character, other significant impacts are the loss of public beach access and natural habitat such as sand dunes. Large scale commercial construction often leads to increased runoff into the ocean, due to the increased amount of impervious surface area. This means water cannot penetrate the ground, so instead, it runs off into the ocean, carrying pollutants such as chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizer and can harm aquatic life and make it unsafe for swimming.

Infrastructure Impact

The construction of high rises in small beach towns leads to a strain on local infrastructure and resources. It brings increased noise and air pollution, negatively impacting the health of the community – the very people who chose to reside in a historic small-town vacation community exactly for that character.
It’s no secret that Special-Interest Associations and Hotel Condo Boards have a reputation for working against the towns they reside in. These organizations often put a strain on town resources and services, leaving the town to foot the bill for legal fees, trash disposal, road maintenance, and more. It’s a frustrating problem for the people who live in these towns, as they are left to deal with the noise of semi-trucks, potholes, and other issues caused by the influx of people and goods. But who is responsible for making sure these issues are addressed? STARD is an organization of property-owning citizens working diligently to see that our elected officials keep Atlantic Beach safe and healthy.

Smart Growth & Strategic Planning

STARD supports smart growth and strategic planning that (1) complies with the law, (2) is consistent with the natural character of Atlantic Beach, and (3) meets the needs of the community. STARD continuously works with civic planners, historians, environmentalists, and advocates to address economic, environmental, coastal zone management, and quality of life issues primarily related to the protection of the unique history and distinctive coastline of Atlantic Beach. All stakeholders have a voice for shared goals in planned development: the town’s Planning & Zoning Commissions, council members, as well as residents and property owners.

Our Latest Video

This video shows the coastline of historic Atlantic Beach, South Carolina — the last Black beach town in the United States. It’s a four block, quiet, pristine beach of white sand and colorful shells. You can see that it stands out in stark contrast to the neighboring beaches from with the pink high-rises to its north in Crescent Beach to the 8 to10 story mid-rises to its south in Windy Hill.

Like most of the Grand Strand, those North Myrtle Beach oceanfronts are crowded with condos and hotels, some stretching to greater than 20 stories and all of them blocking views of the ocean. Atlantic Beach, affectionately known as “the Black Pearl” is unique. Its coastline hosts beautiful, recently built beach homes, an immaculate Mediterranean-style home built in the 90s and a historic home built in the 60s. Newly constructed homes are being built


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